All Star Dodgeball

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Game description: All Star Dodgeball is a sport game on in which you are in control of three excellent players in All Star Game to play dodgeball with other players. You can pick up celebrities from Wallace, Yao, Ichiro, Johnson, Mia, Peyton, Sapp, Serena, Shaq and Tiki. Once the players are determined, the match will take place in the ground. There are three big oil can as the middle line. When the game starts, you can use your mouse to control your players and throw the ball at your opponents. Try to knock down all opponents to move on to the next level. As levels up, there will be more and more opponents appearing in the screen. You must knock down them one by one. You can control your players to pass the ball to a teammate since the player holding the ball can not move. As long as the ball is at your side, you can hit your enemies consecutively. Are you ready? Play the game now.

Game title :All Star Dodgeball

Game author : Cublo Games

Game size : 865 KB

Game screenshot :All Star Dodgeball

Game ID for All Star Dodgeball :1329

Best game screen resolution: 592 x 360 fullscreen

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