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Game description: Punt the Ref is an arcade game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you have a chance to kick a person as far as you can. It happens at a football field. Once the game starts, you shall kick the Ref as far as you can across the pitch. You can repeatedly bash the Z and X keys as quickly as possible to pick up speed. Then press the space bar to release your kick. Watch the angle of your kick since your score is determined by the distance of your kick instead of the height. Sometimes the Ref may bounce on the ground. Sometimes the Ref’s head may sink into the soil. Once the Ref stops flying in the air and fall down on the grass, a pretty girl will raise up a board and show the distance of your kick to the audience. Are you ready? Kick now.

Game title :Punt the Ref

Game author : The Longest Yard

Game size : 570 KB

Game screenshot :Punt the Ref

Game ID for Punt the Ref :1315

Best game screen resolution: 760 x 600 fullscreen

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