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Game description: Quickshot is a sport game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you try to get 10 points within 30 seconds in each round of playing basketball. When the game starts, you will see a basketball stands in the middle of the screen. There is an orange basketball on the ground. You can use your mouse to pick the ball up and aim at the basket, then shoot the ball. At level two, the basket will be moving from left to right all the time. It will become harder to shoot the basket. As level is up, the basket will move faster and faster. You must learn when to throw your ball out accurately so that you can get more points before the time runs out. Once you get less than ten points, the game is over. And you have to start it over.

Game title :Quickshot

Game author : Ultimate Arcade

Game size : 328 KB

Game screenshot :Quickshot

Game ID for Quickshot :1321

Best game screen resolution: 800 x 600 fullscreen

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