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Game description: Rooney Rampage is an action game on in which you will be a football athlete in your imagination. On a weekend, you are watching an exciting football game. The game is very splendid and all the athletes are excited. For some reason, one athlete has a word with another from the opponent team and gives a head butt to him. Then the judger gives a red card to the athlete. Watching the scene, you are so angry. You think: if I am the athlete, I will defeat all of them! Now, here comes the chance. You are the athlete, and you are on the soccer field in your sports attire. There are so many audiences on the platform. They are cheering and shouting. You can use your head to knock them down. Just press the SPACE BAR or the LEFT button of your mouse to knock the man who is defensive you. The goal of this game is to knock down all your opponents and knock the man who mentions the red card in to the goal.

Game title :Rooney Rampage

Game author : 2D Play

Game size : 889 KB

Game screenshot :Rooney Rampage

Game ID for Rooney Rampage :1279

Best game screen resolution: 600 x 400 fullscreen

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