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Game description: Run Ronaldo Run is a sport game on in which you help Ronaldo run as fast as possible to catch the football. Do you know football star Ronaldo and Crespo? This game is about the battle between them. It is in a live football match, and Ronaldo is in control of the ball, but Crespo is chasing him and the distance between them is becoming closer and closer. You must help Ronaldo keep running faster than Crespo. In this football field, there are some hamburgers in the air and some drinks or beverages on the ground. If Ronaldo hit these foods on his way, they will slow him down. You can use up arrow to jump high for avoiding the drinks and use down arrow to duck for avoiding bread in the air. Don’t let Crespo get to the ball before Ronaldo. You can collect golden shoes to speed up. In one word, you must try to pick up as more golden shoes as possible and avoid picking others. Ready? Run!

Game title :Run Ronaldo Run

Game author : 2D Play

Game size : 595 KB

Game screenshot :Run Ronaldo Run

Game ID for Run Ronaldo Run :1233

Best game screen resolution: 600 x 400 fullscreen

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