Sexy Soccer

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Game description: Sexy Soccer is a sport game on in which you play soccer in the football field. Your assignment is to direct the player’s actions and score goals. Simply point and click, the direction of the ball is changing all the time. Click at the player when the red line aims at the goal. Don’t loose; you will see the red line changing in height, loose the left button when the height is appropriate. If you score your goal, you score the points, and besides, have you see the sexy girl beside, when you score goals, she take off one clothes, on the contrary, when you lose, the girl take on one clothes. So try your all to goal and you have 50 chances in this game. Get a high score with the limited balls.

Game title :Sexy Soccer

Game author : Gamies

Game size : 185 KB

Game screenshot :Sexy Soccer

Game ID for Sexy Soccer :1341

Best game screen resolution: 630 x 440 fullscreen

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