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Game description: Slalom is a sport game on in which you ski on top of Alps alone. You have retired from work and this is a good chance to relax yourself completely. After failing to find some companions along with you, you decide to set out for skiing alone. Just at that moment, your lovely dog, Tommy, makes you have some ideas. Yes, you can play with him. So you take your pet out. On top of the Alps, all around is covered by white snow. It is cold and exciting. You set the rules of the game because the dog wants to ski. So you set some flags to indicate a route. The breadth between flags is very narrow. Under such condition, Tommy begins skiing. And now you are in control of this lovely pet. You can use arrow keys to control its skiing direction so that it can ski along the right route and avoid hitting obstacles. Do you want to help our dog, Tommy? Join in now.

Game title :Slalom

Game author : Flashspiele

Game size : 506 KB

Game screenshot :Slalom

Game ID for Slalom :1225

Best game screen resolution: 550 x 400 fullscreen

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