Tennis 2000

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Game description: People love tennis. The reasons explaining that are various. Someone thinks tennis can shape their body, while someone else may think that playing tennis is good for health. What do you think about tennis? Tennis 2000 is a sport game on in which you will have the opportunity to help the player perform a beautiful bat. The rule is rather simple. You just click the player, and then drag him to move to the exact position and at last click him again to hit the flying ball. There is the challenge—the ball will come so quickly and unexpectedly that you are easy to misplay. So you need excellent speed reaction to reduce the miss. Good luck!

Game title :Tennis 2000

Game author : Info-Link

Game size : 218 KB

Game screenshot :Tennis 2000

Game ID for Tennis 2000 :1474

Best game screen resolution: 630 x 258 fullscreen

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