Weight Lifting

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Game description: Weight Lifting is a sport game on www.play-free-mahjong-games.org in which you play as a weight lifter and try to use the left key of mouse to raise up the barbell. The competition is held outdoors. The sky is blue and clear, with clouds floating. You stand beside a tall tree and there are audiences clapping their hands for you. The judgers are one boy, one girl and one rabbit. If you were ready, click your left key of the mouse as fast as you can to start lifting the barbell, only when the three red lights all turn to green you clear one stage. The success of the game is the speed of your clicks and it is rather a hard test for your fingers. Maybe a good mouse is also an important factor of this game. Have fun!

Game title :Weight Lifting

Game author : 32 Days

Game size : 183 KB

Game screenshot :Weight Lifting

Game ID for Weight Lifting :1385

Best game screen resolution: 400 x 300 fullscreen

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