Yetisports 5

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Game description: Yetisports 5 is an arcade game on in which you are like a golf player. In this game, you are supposed to take control of a white orangutan. Your goal is to hit the pingu to the left as far as possible. The white orangutan uses a red flamingo which acts as a club to move the pingu. Click the left button one time, you can define the height. The second click to define power. At first, the white orangutan is in Africa, where there are grasses and mountains. The orangutan has five opportunities to hit the pingu. If the pingu knock into the giraffe or the elephant, it will stop moving ahead. But if the pingu knock into the snake, the pingu can bounce up from the body of the snake. Try your best to move the pingu from Africa to South Pole.

Game title :Yetisports 5

Game author : Chris Hilgert

Game size : 1353 KB

Game screenshot :Yetisports 5

Game ID for Yetisports 5 :1374

Best game screen resolution: 550 x 400 fullscreen

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